M.Arch I

M.Arch. I: Three-Year Program Admission Requirements

The School believes that the educational experience of its program is enriched by students who have diverse educational backgrounds, and therefore, embraces students who in their undergraduate education have majored in a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture to any of the arts, sciences, or humanities.

Applicants to the M.Arch. I program must hold a bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent, from an accredited college or university. The following college-level courses are required as prerequisites to this program, all to be completed by June 1 of the year matriculating:

1. One course in elementary calculus.

2. A studio course such as freehand drawing, sketching, painting, sculpture, or basic architectural design. (Ceramics, photography, graphics, or film will not satisfy this requirement.)

3. Two courses in the history of art and/or architecture. It is recommended that one course be a survey, the other a course in modern architecture.

Also recommended, but not required, is a course in classical physics.


Students with exceptional promise may be accepted to the M.Arch. I program under one of the following special conditions:

1.  After completion, in high standing, of at least one year in an accredited graduate program in architecture, a student may receive credit for some or all course work.

2.  After completion, in high standing, of the fourth year of an accredited five-year undergraduate program in architecture, a student may be accepted into the M.Arch. I program with the following provisions: a minimum of one year to qualify for the B.Arch. degree (retained by the School solely to accommodate those few students needing it as a prerequisite in order to work for the M.Arch. degree, but conferred only upon successful completion of work for the M.Arch. degree) and a minimum of an additional two years to qualify for the M.Arch. degree.

General Admission Requirements

Students matriculate only at the beginning of each academic year. All students are expected to attend full-time.

Notifications of admission and of financial aid award, if applicable, are sent no later than April 1. Acceptance of the offer of admission, including a nonrefundable deposit of $750, must be made electronically by April 15. This deposit will be credited toward tuition. Acceptances may not be deferred.

International students should refer to the chapter International Students for information regarding additional admission requirements.

For admission inquiries, contact gradarch.admissions@yale.edu or telephone 203.432.2296. For financial aid inquires, contact archfinancialaid@yale.edu or telephone 203.432.2291.