One to One

Furniture Design for the Architect


Design and Visualization



Architects produce the idea of a building—to be built at full scale—through scaled drawings. In this seminar, students are asked to immediately work at full scale to design a functional prototype for sitting (chair, stool, or bench). Designs are refined iteratively through the considerations of aesthetics, function, cost, and the market, elements that inherently influence design resolution. All assignments include drawings at 1:1 scale, the only scale at which the structural and material limitations of a given design are encountered. Short case-study presentations examine architects influential to the history of furniture design, examining their iterative processes of creating furniture prototypes that reinforce their own architectural principles or aesthetics. The primary materials and material quantities used for the final project are finite, not to dictate formal consistency across projects, but rather to allow for group critiques of inventive joinery methods and material expression. Limited enrollment.