2024 Boston Olympic Village

Project Description


Keller Easterling

Our Olympic Village proposes a framework for future development, rather than a fully finished environment. We draw on the concept of the ‘concourse’ that links set pieces of development together, and also grows into a living urban space itself.

We place 15,000 units of housing in densely arranged towers along the western edge of the site. While the towers’ footprints are positioned optimally for views to the city, their lobbies expand into the primary public and circulation spaces for the urban concourse below. Parking occupies the ground level, due to flooding concerns. We then dedicate the second, third, and forth levels to an open, connected zone of retail, services, and public realm. Internally, these levels link the towers together (via their lobbies), while allowing for the urban surprise, encounter, and delight necessary for long-term social value. Externally, the concourse levels modulate their edges to provide access points specific to the surrounding areas. The Convention Center, Innovation District, waterfront, and South Boston, which are currently isolated urban artifacts, thus become feeder populations for a newly connected and densified southern Boston.