2024 Boston Olympic Village

Project Description


Jennifer Leung

The Olympic Village in South Boston required exploration for a new housing typology to expand and develop the edge of the neighborhood for future adaptation. Our project developed into two large, thin linear boundaries which took the form of a crescent, both architecturally and in the site’s landscape. Large crescent earthworks, resultant of cut and fill to celebrate the water’s edge further into the site, provide water collection and protection for South Boston against rising sea levels. Additionally, they double as outdoor training fields and outdoor recreation after the Olympics which include amenities such as Harbor Baths. A binocular effect is produced at the top of each earthwork, or the lobby levels of each crescent housing band, to provide views simultaneously overlooking South Boston in one direction and parkland and the water’s edge in the other. Each crescent is formed by two parallel housing bands where an elevated pedestrian street between them becomes populated by both private residents and the public who pass through the lobby partaking in outdoor amenities or enjoying the food and shop vendors. The crescent housing acts as a connective tissue through the site. Its sawtooth form serves to transform from small private residences, into large public amenities between each crescent where there is a direct public axis to the water for South Boston residents.