2024 Boston Olympic Village

Project Description


Edward Mitchell

In approaching the site as an Olympic Village, we saw the opportunity to transform a part of South Boston that currently has little cohesion into a place with a clear urban center and a unifying identity that would last well beyond the Olympics. In order to achieve this, we focused on the ideas of edge and center.

For the edge, an active waterfront wraps around the entire site, knitting together new and old fabric with shared places of recreation and commerce, creating value and public amenities for both. A series of locks control the water flow and level, allowing the waterfront to serve different uses. In conjunction with a constructed wetland, the locks also help protect the area from storm surge flooding and future sea level rise. For the center, a public park creates a core around which smaller housing districts are grouped, each with its own private courtyard. The smaller courtyards serve as yard and garden spaces for the residents. Each district has a design scale and character which relates back to the existing urban context.