2024 Boston Olympic Village: Sample City

Project Description


Alan Plattus

Sample City is a proposed 2024 Olympic village that is composed of artificial waterfronts arranged parallel to one another. The scheme creates an island for future development centered on the convention center and building off of connections to downtown Boston and Logan Airport. Each waterfront condition exhibits a different spatial characteristic, with each edge inspired by pre-existing waterfronts found throughout Boston. The building types and their arrangements are unique to each waterfront, creating a compression of the episodic neighborhood experience of the city.

The disparate, parallel edge strips are connected by a light rail people mover that runs perpendicular to all of the waterfronts. This transportation system begins in South Boston, skewers each waterfront condition, and then connects to Boston’s established network of buses, trains, and proposed water taxi system. After the Olympics, Boston will have a new highly connected waterfront system with different building types and urban spatial languages that can accommodate international growth into the 21st century.