256 Images that Matter to Architecture

Project Description

I was first interested in the task of establishing what “matters”; to do this requires as much a personal definition of what is at the core of architecture, as much as speculating what is at its boundaries and outside of them. After all, the act of architecture is an act of definition in its etymological sense, “to set bounds”. What are the established centers of architecture, and what are its corresponding fringes and boundaries? And how could I test the limits of the center/periphery relationship through the inescapably dialectic format of the book spread?

I started with pairs of images which looked closer at the centers and boundaries of architecture, against the architecture of centers and boundaries — the cultural, epistemological boundaries or the literal, physical boundaries, both which equally structure our experience of the world. The image pairs start as distinct and antithetical, reinforcing a center/periphery binary, while still possessing some visual rhyme which allows a conversation to emerge between the two images. Reaching the end, the full-bleed images read less as distinct pairs; the center and the fringes bleed into each other across the spread, complicating what exactly is center and what is fringe.