Advanced Design Studio: Bellew/Bow/Spence

Project Description

The cycles that occur at a winery and vineyard – those of grape-growth, biodynamics and vinification – are to a large degree governed by the movements of the sun and the moon. This project attempts to tie into these cosmological forces and the cycles they influence by adopting a circular form, which, derived from historical examples of solar and lunar tracking devices, allows for an omnidirectional orientation toward the Rioja countryside. While oriented outward, the ring frames a separate, interior space devoted to biodynamics and the observance of specific lunar events that guide the winemaking process.

The building is composed of three distinct parts. Buried underground to take advantage of the cooler temperature is the gravity-driven winery, in which each major step of the vinification process occupies its own level and erodes the cylindrical volume. Suspended off the ground is a ring composed of hotel rooms, each oriented differently to take advantage of the 360-degree views, and interspersed with a restaurant, bar, library and tasting room. The ring acts as a shading device for the outdoor plinth below, which is fragmented to allow views and light to penetrate into the winery below. The plinth contains the spa and full moon theater and is otherwise flexibly programmed based on the time of year and the solar and lunar positions. Seven cores support the ring and provide vertical circulation to link the various components.