Advanced Design Studio: Lynn


Project Description

Factory tours have often been criticized and associated with zoo visits, wherein companies capitalize on the spectacle of factory workers. This proposal is a response to the zoo-like dynamic of the factory tour; all workers and robots are hidden, save for occasional glimpses of products in motion as they travel along the assembly line.

By focusing on the transitory moments of the assembly line, the project frames the factory experience as one of mystery and surprise. By offering only glimpses of inventory travelling to and from various work stations, the visitor anticipates the next moving object along the line - whether it be a small object like a wheel or fabricated system like a chassis. The inventory enters the visitor’s view by gliding along the roof, travelling down to the wall and back into the ground. The visitor is engaged in a precarious moment and suspended in a figural space.

Instead of a linear assembly line, the project reorganizes the production line at various angles, allowing the visitor’s path to weave into the production line. The resulting spatial knot creates a moment of dynamism and intensity which contrasts with the orthogonal factory box.

The moiré effect of the façade is activated by the moving inventory. This same flickering is perceived on the exterior through the building’s perforated double-skin, a feature that additionally produces a subdued sense of movement along the street.

The overall experience of the factory is further activated by the assembly line from the urban context, while the element of surprise is enhanced as the visitor goes further into the building. The visitor walks into the building from the street and traverses the building in a loop, all the while experiencing a constant change in section.