Advanced Design Studio: Lynn

Project Description

There is something inherently compelling about seeing parts become a whole during the manufacturing process.  The culture of conspicuous consumption was created by the very process of observing and being in the shopping arcade or mall. The proposed project for a motor vehicle factory works under the notion that the new culture of conspicuous consumption arises from objectifying and demystifying the production process.

Motorcycles and scooters are social objects that inspire people to connect around a common passion.  Motorbike enthusiasts have long congregated in informal spaces at a variety of scales, from public parking lots to the family garage. This new urban factory proposes to organize manufacturing functions, retail spaces, and maintenance facilities around a large central space so motorcycle and scooter fans can experience the manufacturing process while also providing a new type of informal space.

The large central void in the factory acts as a contemporary arcade and makes a spectacle of the retail and manufactory space. The canyon-like space is defined by sculpted walls and apertures that create a series of views. In addition to enlivening the main void, the views are arranged to allow a series of framed and layered peeks into the process.  Motorcyclists visiting the building experience the factory by riding parallel to parts moving along the factory floor.  The ground plane articulates where bikers, pedestrians and automated factory carts are meant to move as well as congregate.