Advanced Design Studio: Sanders

Project Description

Using the international Guggenheim Helsinki competition as a point of departure, this scheme overlays the critical programs of the museum onto existing paths of movement and systems of infrastructure in and around the harbor, creating new public spaces and improving connectivity between the primary city promenade to the north and the distant infrastructure to the south. By submerging the programs of the new museum into infrastructure already crossing the proposed site, a programmatic hybridization is generated from which both infrastructure and museum benefit. Daily transit routines from the ferry terminal are ameliorated with the intervention of public spaces and art displays, and the museum typology is enhanced and reinvigorated through increased activity from a wider range of visitors. This new hybrid typology generates an iconic museum specifically appropriate to Helsinki, offering an opportunity for the Guggenheim institution to reinvent its reputation. Rather than creating iconicity through the placement of a foreign architectural object, the scheme aims to create an iconic museum experience integrated with the city’s infrastructure.