Advanced Design Studio: Shim, The Intercontinental Hotel


Project Description

This project is located at the eastern edge of the important Stadt Park and a block to the south of the Ringstrasse in Vienna, Austria. The new hotel—which takes the form of the typical Viennese block, or Hof—establishes new public space, mediates a new social and natural landscape which connects the concert house to the park, and creates a new architectural promenade for the hotel itself. This is accomplished by allowing the solid, stone clad ring of hotel rooms to float above a dynamic landscape plane which folds up into the court of the hotel activating the interior single-loaded corridor. Space for ice skating is created—on multiple levels—for the Vienna Skating Club in the adjacent plaza that fronts the concert house. This is accomplished by the manipulation of the plane of the landscape. The hotel lobby is situated below the floating ring and the plane of landscape and acts as a point of connection for the various programs of the project.