Advanced Design Studio: Spina/Huljich

Project Description

My project looks at the idea of muteness, and the challenge of creating an object with its own agency. With no information to reference, the object needs to generate its own, internal, set of data. The project focuses on techniques to produce internal information and to transform that
data into several aesthetic outcomes of envelope, texture, and volume. The overlap of aesthetic regimes negates the possibility of a singular sensual object and instead proposes multilayered, eidetic object.

To do this, I started in an objectoriented programming environment and wrote a program that creates a set of vectors. The vectors define the discrete primitives and monolithic boundary in aggregate, are defeatured to complicate a reading of figures, and then scaled to fit the site. In
order to test this process, I treated the results as found objects, looking at eidetic properties:
Sphericity, topheaviness, chunkiness, and precarity. The texture of the envelope destabilizes the building’s relationship to time and scale, as the voxel detail reveals itself upon closer inspection. A further confusion of spatial identity occurs on the interior. In contrast to the blank exterior, a highly articulate volume, created by the overlap of several boxes, forms the interior.