Advanced Design Studio: Wood

Project Description

This project proposes an interfaith chapel right off of the Boulevard Triomphal in Libreville, Gabon.  Religion has always played an integral role in the community and culture of the country, and with increasing religious diversity in the country, the city seemed primed for an iconic building that celebrated and preserved the religious culture of the country.  In studying several religious typologies and recognizing the opportunity for taking advantage of exterior space, the building is centered around two types of ritual space: the courtyard and the chapel.  While these spaces allow for all liturgical practices to occur, there is no demand for specific forms that are generally associated with specific religions. 

Because of this, the form of both the chapel and courtyard are instead shaped by the spatial demands of the program that the interfaith chapel can spur in a city like Libreville.  The interfaith chapel goes beyond just a religious space, but a piece of social infrastructure that is currently lacking on the Boulevard Triomphal.  The building has a youth club, auditorium, exhibition space, and library that allow for different means of engagement to religious artefacts.  At the very top of the building, there is also a public platform that allows for one to look back onto the rest of the city and back down on to the central chapel.