Almost Classicism (The Village)


Project Description

My project is an industrial agricultural co-op in Coin, a town of 200 residents in Page County Iowa. The co-op is an iteration designed to fit within a system of co-ops that operate at the scale of the township to formalize existing traces of communal land and machine use and
make agricultural spaces more accessible for future generations.

My project takes on the basic program of a co-op, including
the machinery storage and silos, yet also positions itself as the communal and commercial center of Coin and the surrounding area. The co-op must negotiate two scales: the agricultural machines, ever increasing in size, and the scale of the town and humans. The project negotiates this challenge through assuming a large footprint with a lightweight form and two facades, giving equal weight to both human and machine program. The two facades reflect its dual nature, facing outwards to the industrial fields and inwards to the town.