Project Description

Our project is a form finding study based on curved folding, investigated through series of physical models. When folded, paper is object-like. Unfolded paper, with its creases, obtains the quality of a field. The object generates the field, and the field responds to the object varying in density, curvature, direction, concentration, and diffusion. By gradually unfolding the object, we begin to blur the distinction between object and field. The object and the field begin to merge.

When multiple objects come together, they generate a larger field. We investigate composition strategies such as adjacency, relative position, and topography, in response to the changing datum of the water level. In this process, folding lines become further defined in response to constraints provided by site and program. We also develop an interior partition strategy for these large-scale shells based on tensile membranes, here used as a flexible method for define intimate spaces.