Architectural Design

Project Description

A critique of the linear, visionary standard of urban planning and presentation, our project embraces the unpredictable nature of urban development over time. By focusing on the multitude of variables and individuals involved in changing within the urban environment, the project involves the development of a non-linear, turn-based game. Using South Bridgeport and the projected 2080 sea level rise as a testing ground and time frame prospectively, this game incorporates four key groups of players in the site’s potential development, splits the site into five zones and, finally, divides the development timeline into four phases leading up to 2080.

The result is a matrix of 1024 possible outcomes for the development of South Bridgeport, reflecting the great number of potential outcomes, over time, in urban development and simultaneously providing the framework for a tool that could help future city planners, architects, politicians, ecologists and the like, anticipate the outcomes of diverse decisions on projected urban development.