Architectural Design


Project Description

At the nose of this vessel is an open and lofty “event” space where movies are watched, arguments erupt and meals are eaten. Architecture takes a back seat to the activity: A clerestory softly illuminates the airy space that is packed with operable cabinets to stow away the “stuff” of family life.

The dense respite areas at the keel of the house are where one can achieve mental clarity as bio- and sociological needs are left behind. Architecture then fills in where human activity stops: clerestory windows illuminate the axes where operable windows cross-ventilate air and sound, allowing the house to live and breathe with its occupants. These axes intersect beneath an oculus, where blades pull the air from under the house’s low roofline, inhaling with those living beneath it.

At the center, the threshold between these different spatial conditions is a transcendental cockpit where the family boards, beginning their journey to elsewhere.