Architectural Design

Project Description

This graphic taxonomy examines the dwelling as the bare interface between the inhabitant and the utility networks that connect cities with water, natural gas, sewage and electricity.  The drawing details the minimum kit of parts required to plug into these systems, and transform the volatile raw utilities into consumable products via the sink, the electrical outlet, etc.  The dwelling is distilled to a fixed matrix of valves, meters, pipes and adapters that occupy the space between the water main and the faucet.

The design for a compact house is predicated on a contextual massing that distorts the neighboring gable typology to meet the corner lot site.  The two-story home is enclosed by an outer shell, which is sliced and cut to create entrances and allow light deep into the space.  On the interior, furniture and storage elements are aggregated into compact furniture blocks that are used to subtly partition the open living areas.