Architectural Design

Project Description

Minimal Dwelling is defined in this code as a series of bodily movements over the course of a 24-hour cycle. Based on the radial geometry, the drawing is sectored into a series of rings. The central ring represents the private realm and the outermost ring represents the communal realm beyond the dwelling itself.  A range of possibilities can be tested based on each individual’s unique daily rituals.

When applied to the design of a compact house, the minimal dwelling code is translated into a central utility hub containing plumbing essentials and circulation.  Condensing these functions allows the living, sleeping, and socializing spaces to open up off of the hub and adapt to varied sites through a shift in scale. On the given site, the scheme plays with the formal language of shearing two volumes off of the utility hub to address the corner lot condition and to carve out the exterior spaces of a front porch and rear terrace.