Architectural Design

Project Description

This proposal for a Bushwick library branch provides for a variety of community activities to serve the diverse populations of the Bushwick Brooklyn/ Ridgewood Queens border neighborhoods, creating a micro-city within. The building directly responds to the shifting definition of ‘library’, which is predicated on collaborative and interdisciplinary knowledge acquisition, transcending a one-to-one relationship between patron and book.

Spaces for pop-up shops and co-working, classrooms, gallery, theater, rooftop recreation and CSA, and exterior amphitheater extend outward from a central core for book return that acts as a live index of how the building is inhabited at any point in time. The building’s mesh wrapper veils an interior contextualism by contemporizing the surrounding warehouse archetype when viewed from the street. Upon entering, one is confronted with a variety of volumes and materials that reference the diversity of warehouse and residential vernaculars. The wrapper further obscures boundary between interior and exterior by creating liminal spaces that do not quite belong to either category; roof gardens and amphitheater are contained within the wrapper, but open to the sky above.