Architectural Design

Project Description

Both formally and conceptually, this project is based on a whimsical notion that is grounded in a pragmatic framework. The building accepts the practical demands of library, while reimagining the central space as a large communal living room. In this sense, it is a building within a building. As a contemporary take on Boulle’s notion of the library as a singular cavernous space that houses the exchange of public knowledge, the organic internal structure is meant for lounging, learning, and socializing. This amorphous living room is suspended within a contrastingly hypergeometric diagrid structure. The interstitial space between this typical shell and the suspended atypical form houses all of the traditional, yet pivotal amenities a public library offers: private carrels, study rooms, computer labs, and a restaurant/café. The library should facilitate the dissemination of knowledge in the Bushwick Community, while simultaneously offering its inhabitants a comfortable and inviting shared space.