Architectural Design

Project Description

This site on the Southeast end of Bridgeport is a microcosm of the larger issues afflicting the city. With four disparate zones of program – recreation, industry, residential and institutional – harshly juxtaposed against one another, the Broad Street artery connecting downtown with the waterfront has become an unoccupied line of demarcation with no character or pedestrian presence. Our project seeks to enliven this territory, allowing each of these four programs to reclaim the adjacent ground while providing a more unified identity. The large power plants on the site have proven repellent to pedestrian-oriented development, but their presence there provides the economic lifeblood of the city and looms large as the prevailing image of Bridgeport. Our project seeks to learn from these industrial structures, taking formal and operative cues from this typology and repurposing their program as a public amenity.