Architectural Design

Project Description

Organic forms mediate the difficult geometry of the triangular site, organizing into 3 programmatic cores: digital media, printed media, and performance. The scale of each volume corresponds to the frequency of its use. The digital media core anchors the north end of the site in an effort to string out the development that has occurred on Troutman St.

The three spaces are stitched together by a unifying “light-band” level that is controlled with wood fin louvers. The band acts as a literal connector between the digital and printed media cores; light filters through circular stairwells into the upper and lower levels.

The poche of the exterior walls is thickened in specific areas to create both storage and circulation shelving. Similarly, interior walls double as both spatial dividers and bookshelves. The arcs of these walls follow the language of the exterior, bending the light as it filters in.