Architectural Design


Project Description

This exercise explored the relationship between Architecture (excess) and means of architectural representation.  It attempted to condense an entire set of construction instructions into a single text message and, in turn, limited itself to very strict rules and eliminated any qualitative value within the dwelling.  The text message was passed on to three unknowing parties who were able to interpret the instructions almost perfectly.  Conclusion: spend time and effort on instructional representation, unless boring utility is the goal.

The house design seeks to make a case for an affordable housing strategy that is already extremely prevalent in many other cultures and is increasingly popular in our own – Multi-Generational Living.   An organization strategy was developed that creates three distinct levels of autonomy for the individual private spaces of the home but simultaneously uses common programming to emphasize the communal areas.  The form of the house is developed directly from a combination of these planning moves and the existing housing stock/typology of the neighborhood.