Architectural Design: Easterling

Project Description

We started up with some frustration about Bridgeport. We were worried about certain forms of injustice; taxation among them, crime, and so on. We were worried about focusing so much on the resiliency issue, so we started focusing on some other things to see if those other things might leverage the resiliency issue to make a better bargain for the city. These are the six projects that are in ratcheting interplay with each other. We started with the idea, “what if we had nothing times zero?” So we looked at a lot of tools being used in cities all around the country from creative shrinking to different taxation schemes and so on. You’ll see that we come back around to the resiliency issues – we even come back around to the 100 year idea – but you might not see that in the forefront this time.

There’s a hand-off between the projects. Each project has made a bargain with another project to get some resource or leverage something. We weren’t sure how to show you this, but we learned a lot since midterm. We questioned ourselves, “how do you present things to a difference audience?” One of the things we’ve been contemplating is making a music video that we could release and leapfrog over certain kinds of planning bureaucracy. What if we could just release an urban idea? Everybody did their own music video that they have released at some point since the midterm. Some of them got some traction. Some of them probably didn’t work at all. And some of the groups tried other kinds of documents and other kinds of approaches to releasing the information. Everyone worked on the architecture muscle document which is for the architecture school audience, and the music videos are trying to see what a little bit of pop or funk does for these urban ideas.