Architectural Design: First Year Project 1

Project Description

This project is a study designed for the photographer who seeks inspiration and reflection upon his personal collection of images. The physical picture as a two dimensional object holds immaterial and ephemeral qualities that prompt feeling and diverse interaction. This duality is amplified by the construction of space as an array of apertures that alter experience between interior and exterior. Emulating the process of photography, the rotating projection screen covers the study to develop a sense of anticipation as one approaches. As the screen rotates up, the photographer is presented with a myriad of directed openings that focuses view in unexpected directions. Subsequently, the screen returns back to its original position to allow for a large scale projection and display of the photographer’s work. The juxtaposition of framed pictures on the interior with background perspectives through the apertures gives a multi-layered range of visual experience where view supplants form through the disjunction of building skin and aperture.