Architectural Design: Stage 01

Project Description

Lighting can profoundly affect the nature of social interactions. In my scheme I created multiple instances of aperture and interiority to create social interaction. This was derived from my interested in the solar and social conditions of the site. There needed to be a controlled openness to inspire social engagement, however, there also needed to be privacy to prevent those living in the house from feeling on display. This caused me first to decide the main circulation through the house to be off-axis. I then decided to take an initial typology of a building form responsive to solar conditions and subtract if from the overall building envelope. This created the primary divide running through the house. The house then became a discussion of exterior, interior/exterior, and interior space all having flexibilities in privacy. There was the primary exterior which in places would slip into the envelope of the building. The interior/exterior space which acted both as a circulation space for people and air given the proper weather conditions. Lastly the interior space which was the primary living space for the residents which depending on the functions would engage with the various other spaces.