Architectural Design: Stage 01


Project Description

I started the project by looking at the wider context of New Haven. The site is located between the two major dichotomous forces of man and nature, each represented by Yale/New Haven and parks/cemeteries respectively. The framing streets of the nine square grid extend westward and intersect with the central spine of the Winthrop Ave. at junctures that are, together with parks to the west, within walking distance from the site. Learning from the analysis, I wanted to create \a house that is culturally vibrant and environmentally friendly. A fundamental factor of culture is communal interaction, so the house is a monolithic open shed that invites through its flexible spaces conflict, action, and reaction among the inhabitants. The monolithic exterior is carved out by the void of the light well that receives southerly light and wind for the bedroom stacks to minimize the need for artificial supply of light and ventilation. Vertical circulation core, light well, and the bedroom stacks engage in a push and pull as opposed to the cavernous space of the communal living room to catalyze slow metabolism of life that is necessary for the integration of the environment and human culture.