Architectural Design: Stage 01

Project Description

The Yale Building Project has had a past of neglecting the socioeconomic nature of the neighborhoods in which they are built. The platform created by the project generates a launching point to explore a more comprehensive implication of housing in 21st America. This opportunity has been lost in previous years, which motivates this project to explore a contemporary multifamily house. A house that acknowledges its surroundings and pursues a type. A house that is designed to circumvent persistent energy costs and maintain a quality living environment. A house that is responsibly designed for an age where the malleability of social dynamics are not as they once were.
Dutifully designing a house does not have to overlook the situation of the neighborhood. Multi-family homes increase city density and foster social interaction. They are versatile and bring a new condition to the individuals who inhabit them. The developmental strategies explored in this project is a criticism of the Yale Building Project and strives to unburden the established model from the status quo.