Architectural Design: Stage 01


Project Description

A house can be thought as a projection of human conditions onto the larger environment. It mediates, harmonizes and resonates between human body and nature. The house is sited on a long band of land stretching west to east flanked by two three-story multi-family houses to the north and south. It has a shallower width but much greater depth. Across the extent its length, various spaces accumulate.

The envelope of a house previously conceived as barrier that excludes is now communicative. It maintains a balance rather than favoring one over the other. The rooms are better off detached from the skin, for they are so static that everything in them are kept in the same locations all the time. Dislodging the rooms and the envelope creates a third space devoid of any privileged program. Activities in here are animated with sunlight permitted only during specific times over the course of a day and the cycle of a year.