A Bespoke Lifestyle of Motion

Project Description

A Bespoke Lifestyle of Motion is an integrated retail experience that brings the standard Nike retail model together with its more bespoke service and product ambitions. Based around the Nike SPARQ program – a data collection, management, and analysis program focused on building better athletes through a deeper understanding of personal body metrics – the Bespoke Lifestyle of Motion begins with an analysis process in which your body, movement, endurance etc. are tracked and synthesized, informing the creation of bespoke products and workout / nutrition regimes.  It allows the ‘everyday athlete,’ and not simply the shoes that they wear, to become the product of Nike.   

This bespoke data collecting and management happens with a Mobile Analysis Object – a moving space that traverses through the building while athletes workout and are digitally ‘observed’ within it.  As data is collected, the object docks into specific levels of the building which correspond to the four components of the Bespoke Lifestyle of Motion: Workout, Shoes, Apparel, and Nutrition.  On these floors, the athlete’s personal metrics are used to generate their bespoke products.  The standard Nike retail experience of the building is weaved around the bespoke experience.  Retail levels occupy full floor plates as well as mezzanine levels which overlook the bespoke floors.  Customers who come to the store simply to buy shoes encounter the bespoke experience in a way that inspires them to do more than simply buy a product; it inspires them to adopt a lifestyle of motion.

The site for this project is an existing building in downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It is a triangular tower set on one side against a very busy street, and on the other a pedestrian scale plaza.  The four docked positions each relate to a unique site condition: the first sit on the plaza level on axis with the building, the second emerges out the fourth floor and hangs above the more pedestrian scale plaza, the third embeds itself into the solid core at the rear of the building, and the fourth pops out high up in the building above the busy street below.   There is also a fifth option that the object can be carted away for World Cup or Olympic events at places like the stadium or the nearby beach.