Blanche-Levy Gothic

Project Description


Emily Abruzzo

An architecture school building should be a teacher of the discipline. The Blanche-Levy Gothic examines modes of interpretative conservationism through a new building for the architectural education. The building is a mirror of the profession at large: it structures the sense of chaos and pluralism that is the only certainty in today’s world. Named for the Blanche-Levy Quadrangle of the building’s site, the formal language and motifs of the existing monumental Collegiate Gothic buildings are re-composed into a new school for design. This system of architectural collage grants the building not only an absolute object-type form, but also the freedom to iterate, grow, and evolve as the needs of the School change over time. Spaces of gathering, intimacy, creativity, and exchange are built into the composition of spaces and culminate in a ring of studios that crown the building and symbolize the sanctity of the act of architectural creation.