Project Description

This project proposes to expand and develop the boardwalk of Coney Island to act as an occupiable section as well as an infrastructural device. Through a series of sectional typologies, we have looked at how the boardwalk can either protect, sequester, or sacrifice areas of the island. We protect the highest elevation neighborhoods and sacrifice the low areas, which have least resistance to rising sea levels. Sequestered areas are repurposed by the boardwalk in three zones: one pushes the boardwalk as a hard surface, and accommodates high density development and amusement. The second responds to toxicity in the Coney Island Creek by acting as a filter. The third serves as a park and nature reserve, consisting of a porous network of paths. The intersticies are sacrificed and allowed to flood, but retain the memory of the island’s urban fabric. By reconceiving the boardwalk as more than an edge, we emphasize a new pedestrianism that recalls the walkability of Coney Island’s historic amusement parks.