Boston City Hall

Project Description

We propose a mixing chamber that encourages interaction through shared public programs. In other words, our project becomes a gathering hub for urban life; a microcosm of the city that brings in a multitude of public amenities.

The project engages with the existing site by creating a “ground” figure that organizes access into our site. It links the three nearby existing subway stations into a dynamic urban plaza with a centralized location in the city, and a connection to existing infrastructure leading to the airport and other major landmarks. It follows the pedestrian flow from the neighboring Faneuil Marketplace and creates a central courtyard adjacent to each of the four lobbies created for the added programs.

The aggregation of program stems from a couple of issues we’ve identified in the existing scheme. Mostly, the existing building and plaza don’t engage enough to encourage movement throughout the site, and having a singular governmental program leads to a singular mass with a centralized entry point and a limited number of visitors.

By adding a hotel, commercial offices, a subway hub, and a series of urban amenities, we aim to create more interaction between urban life and the traditional functions of City Hall.