The Brackishly Bucolic Backwaters of Manhattan

Project Description

This project deploys a productive landscape that utilizes rising sea levels for salt farming, while providing infrastructure to minimize damage from storm events. This landscape is bracketed to the south by the sea and the north by floodable parkland, which plays host to transient forms of entertainment and an inland beachscape. The icons of Coney Island - the Parachute Jump, the Wonder Wheel, and the Cyclone Coaster - are preserved as spectacular ruins, rising from the polychrome lagoon of the salt farms. New housing types are deployed across the site: rectangular blocks engage the existing urban area; new sinusoidal courtyard buildings occupy the interstitial space between landscapes of leisure and industry; and seaside housing takes advantage of spectacular views. North-south landscape boulevards stitch the sea and productive aquatic landscape into the existing fabric of Coney Island and provide public access to experience the productive, industrial salt-scape. Civic anchor buildings tie the site into transportation networks: locally into the train system and to the world beyond via a new ferry terminal.