Building Water

Project Description

Developed in the context of Wolf D. Prix’ studio at YSOA, this project is an alternate proposal for his latest built work for the city of Lyon. The program challenges the accepted nature of the museum as it redefines the relationship of the architectural fabric with the subject of the exhibition. Considering the site’s location at the conjuncture of Le Rhône and La Seine, water becomes central to the theme of the “exhibit”. In an effort to see art space as not a place for consumption of visual pieces, but a space for discourse and social catalyst, the main exhibition takes shape in a procession of public bath spaces. Re-embodiment and interaction are integral to the design direction.

This project presents a clash of varying cultures of baths and visions of the body, creating a high contrast dialectic in architectural expression. It introduces a conversation between an aesthetic of purity, ethereality, order and minimalism and a voice that is organic, textural, warm and chaotic. The project took shape in the act of dropping the organic elements of the baths into the normative layout which deformed and skewed the structure. This process resonates the ripples created by dropping solid objects into a body of water.