Building Water

Project Description

Two rivers meet in Lyon. This structure is a celebration of this confluence. An exclamation point for the previously unremarkable site, it is an icon and consequently, an important public plaza for the city. Suggesting an edgeless, permeable shape, the form of a ‘cloud’ is adopted as a fitting proposition for the creation of civic place. It defines a space, yet no distinct boundary is formed between the interior and the city.

A cloud appears edgeless because it is an aggregation of particles and not a defined shape.  Towards the edge of the cloud, the composition of water vapor decreases in density. This ‘cloud’ does the same. As water vapor is the component to a real cloud, the pipe form is the component to this building. The primary and secondary structure, the facade, the systems and any other parts belonging to the architecture adopts this form. And naturally, as a cloud precipitates, this ‘cloud’ rains onto the site. Water pipes pour water below — a fountain that completes the new gathering place of Lyon.