Building Water

Project Description

Nomination, H.I. Feldman Prize

Rather than creating yet another architectural symbol to an arbitrary property of water, the project focuses on the most important issue about water- its scarcity. The Lyon Water Center is the world's foremost research and convention center in which scholars, industry leaders, and the public at large come together to discuss water-related issues.  Spread across the site are exhibition pavilions encrusted into the landscape, explaining the challenges and latest efforts to mitigate them. Visitors meander through this sloping park site, in between the exhibitions and the water-collecting canopy.

Culminating at the lowest point is the pavilion that delivers visitors up into the Cloud Catcher.  This floating structure harvests fresh water from air humidity by using the natural temperature differential of increasing heights. Its changing altitude reflects the weather conditions suitable for water harvesting. This mobile structure could be employed around the world to target scarcity crises in our future cities.