Cambridge Common

Project Description

The Colonial Common was a space of everyday interaction, a place where the layers of the city could overlap—it was a place of montage. From an urban standpoint, Boston is made up of figural green spaces that are connected into networks of public spaces. Cambridge, however, lacks such a central space as the old common has been subsumed by Harvard University. Central square—the new center of Cambridge and the intersection of three major arterial roads—is the ideal place for a new kind of public space, a new common. The overlap of people, nature, cars, shopping, and social gathering creates a synthetic environment. It is a place of the everyday. A new park that splits Mass ave into two one way streets, pulling it apart to make space for the park and pull it into the community. New development, in the form of linear towers hovering over the plinths of the parkscape, reinforce the edge of the park and give the new common a clear edge and definitive reading as a new central space for Cambridge.