CASIS Headquarters

Project Description

The design intends to act as a transition between Earth and an alien world, which simultaneously refers to leaving behind the present and moving into the future. The building’s appearance and relationship to the site separates itself from many of the surrounding buildings. The building stands on two feet which arch over a slight depression in the earth that allows visitors to pass through the building during the day and exposes hidden views into the atrium from below. 

The estrangement of the exterior becomes clarified upon passing through into the foreign interior. The interior ornament which hangs from the ceiling to form a large central atrium is of a higher resolution than the exterior building form. Movement between these two surfaces stirs memories of Earth - the exterior shell - and visions of the future and outer space - the interior ornament. Internal symmetry reinforces these effects of estrangement and unearthliness. When one enters the cupola, a 360 degree digital viewing device to look at Earth from outer space, this phenomenon is nearly realized. Suspended in the ornamental walls on the top floor, views from the cupola reveal the atrium’s pure symmetry.