CASIS Headquarters


Project Description

This building serves two primary functions. First, it serves as advertisement for CASIS - it is designed to draw interest and create excitement about space, the ISS and CASIS. Second, it serves to connect people with limited knowledge about space research (tourists and students) with people fully involved in research.

Formally and programmatically, the building is organized into a series of three nested boxes, all punctured by a continuous diagonal void that connects the plane of city to the sky. The outer box houses the most public program such lobby and exhibition spaces. The innermost box is most private, containing offices and research labs. The intermediate box contains shared program - education space, lecture hall, and open labs. Service and staging spaces are compacted into an L-shaped core allowing for the rest of the building to open up for the main programs. Visitors access the entirety of the building by beginning in the lobby and wind up and around the central, diagonal, void into the inner boxes.  As one progresses further into the nested boxes, light becomes more diffuse while attention is focused on moments of clarity – views into more private programs. The public staircase culminates with an open balcony on the 5th floor providing a view to the East River.