CASIS Headquarters


Project Description

Speculating beyond the potential termination of the International Space Station, my proposal for a new headquarters for CASIS is a hybrid typology of office, laboratory, and gallery dedicated to research on space. CASIS Headquarters becomes an infrastructure in which various private sectors can occupy as tenants, taking advantage of facility once inaccessible to private sectors. The form is composed of vertical blocks that form the office and gallery and the horizontal blocks that hold the laboratory spaces. While the block retains its programmatic autonomy, compound surfaces mediate the vertical and horizontal blocks in an unexpected way, forming open shared spaces that encourage collaboration among different entities in the space.

The shared spaces host a large swimming pool and an X-Y-Z cable system that recreate microgravity conditions for simulation experiments. As these facilities become prominent features of the building, the act of research becomes a spectacle for the public as well as the exhibited work in progress.