CASIS Headquarters


Project Description

Conceived as an aggregation of discrete masses, the Casis Headquarter is simultaneously massive and scaleless.  A rigid, yet voluminous outer-shell is punctured by figural arrays of windows which serve the dual purpose of disrupting the purity and autonomy of the amalgamated masses, while providing visual dissonance that distorts the tangible or comprehensible scale of the building.  On the inside, these deep windows create a mysterious light that is employed to create a sense of mystery and is organized to provide direction and points of focus within the voluminous interior.  One enters the building by descending by ramp or stairs between the crevices of the colliding masses.  The lobby is a low, dimly lit space in which the visitor’s eyes and bodies adjust to the new terraform.  The interior consists of two types of space- the figural void and the residual cavern. The disconnection of the outer shell and inner volume creates opportunities to sculpt rooms and niches – the figural void – while the accretion of massive forms results in organic and complex in-between space – residual cavern.  The project is an exploration in the reinterpretation of the classical notion of poche, a study in the disconnection between rooms and surfaces, in combination with the use of light as a guiding, directional force that creates an understanding of depth and distance.