CASIS Headquarters

Project Description

CASIS allows scientists to conduct experiments in outer space. Testing earthly materials and phenomena in zero-gravity conditions to discover new properties of the world we live in. I was interested in this idea of taking familiar and “earthly” elements from the site context — the ubiquitous corporate slab tower and the constructed ground plane of the plinth — and defamiliarizing them through a series of involutions to generate unexpected and otherworldly tectonic relationships, provoking a rediscovery of the site itself.

The familiar of the city is reoffered as something strange, only graspable in its interior by moving through the spatially interdependent bodies of program and structure; the walls fold into floors, the slab edge thickens to become inhabitable spaces, the façade articulation delaminates to become structure. The building components are constantly assuming different roles, requiring the CASIS visitor to reassess the “real” of the site context through the experience of discovery.