CASIS Headquarters


Project Description

For a building that was to house both administrative offices and public museum space, I began with a simple bifurcated form. One leg being for 'private' functions and the other for 'public' functions, the two unite at the top of the building to create the auditorium. From the very outset I played with the idea of 'this and that' or seeming opposites, from a programmatic, formal, and conceptual perspective. Formally, the use of the ruled surface - by nature both linear and curved - built upon this idea, as well as served the function for marrying the two programmatic legs of the building. As the semester progressed, the circulation and form of the building became more complex, and rather than two separate means of travel at the different extremities, as with the rest of the building, the systems became enmeshed in a diagonal crisscrossing of circulation from one floor to the next. In turn, the interior floors evolved from flat plates to a network of undulating ruled surfaces, carefully calibrated to respond to the exterior form and the circulation system of escalators and stairs.