Computation and Fabrication

Project Description

The parabolic sunshade creates focused multidirectional lighting. The 2” deep surface follows evenly the geometry of the back to back parabolas. The consistently distributed holes along the surface have various sizes. The size of the holes is determined by their sectional location. The further the hole is towards the concave part of the surface, the smaller the diameter of the hole. Additionally, the directions of the holes remain always perpendicular to the surface at their location. To accentuate the directionality, perpendicular hollow “plugs” with different sized openings are extruded from the holes.

The surface was initially modeled in 3D Rhino. Thereafter a Grasshopper parametric script was developed to produce the holes consistent with the rule set. For the fabrication process, a 3-axis CNC mill was programmed with various sized drill bits, utilizing the “flip milling” technique to accomplish the consistent thickness. Finally, the plugs where swept in Rhino from the geometry of the holes, derived from the earlier parametric script. Once modeled, the plugs were 3D printed in the plaster printer and finally glued on to the surface of the foam.