Construction of Exactitude Project Statement

Project Description

Our project is attempting to trace a lineage through four figures that we believe can illustrate the transition from the classical to the modern in architecture. We first looked at Jean Nicolas Louis Durand’s taxonomies of buildings. This inspired us to create our own taxonomy, focusing on museums as a building type. We studied Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Altes Museum, Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie, and SANAA’s 21st Century Museum of Art, specifically through an analysis of their treatment of the column, the wall, and the grid; poche and transparency, and symmetry and center. We also analyzed characteristics that we believed were intrinsic to the building, rather than the architect. Combining these two types of analysis, we created a matrix of building transformations imagining, for instance, how Schinkel would design the 21st Century Museum of Art, or how Mies would interpret the Altes Museum.