Dubrovnik Gallery of Contemporary Art and Sculpture


Project Description

Nomination, H.I. Feldman Prize

The city of Dubrovnik, the ‘city of stone and light’, enjoys an urban environment rich in culture, materiality, and intimacy. Her streets contract, and plazas expand. Public spaces are small, large, narrow, short, indoor, and outdoor. There is no shortage of urban variety or places to be. The city breathes.

The Dubrovnik Gallery of Contemporary Art and Sculpture is not a single building, but a neighborhood of buildings. Built upon the existing structure of Dubrovnik’s former arsenal – a building once used to build, repair, and store the city’s four warships – the gallery must respect what is existing – and when, and only when does the gallery understand the language, character, and tectonic of its site, will the city give back to the gallery her diverse inventory of potential exhibition spaces. It will be a quiet set of buildings. It will not beg for attention, but be modest, yet powerful. Above all, the gallery neighborhood must be a worthy contribution to the city - a good neighbor today and in the future.