Emerald Harbor Amsterdam

Project Description

Despite the Marine Etablissement’s historic importance and prominent location within the city of Amsterdam, the site has remained isolated because of its use as an active naval base.  In addition to this programmatic isolation, a series of boundaries have further separated it from the rest of the city, including the railroad tracks to the north, the historic wall to the east, and the Nemo Museum and IJ Tunnel to the southwest.  As a result of these large-scale infrastructural and spatial structures, the entire central harbor district of Amsterdam has the character of a leftover space, lacking a fully developed public realm. 

This masterplan for the Marine Etablissement opens new connections in all directions from the given site, but also includes the entire central harbor district in its scope.  A network of pocket parks and pathways lining the harbor links the historic city with newer developments to the north and east, and makes the Marine Etablissement an integral part of the center of Amsterdam.  The historic site is used as a conference center, residential neighborhood, and a public park, becoming both a local and international destination for the city.